The Demon in the Ekur: Angels, Demons, Plasmas, Patristics, and Pyramids (Paperback)

The Demon in the Ekur: Angels, Demons, Plasmas, Patristics, and Pyramids By Joseph P. Farrell Cover Image
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Join revisionist author Joseph P. Farrell for a final look at the Giza Death Star. This time he looks at the Demon in the Ekur and the Great Pyramid Weapon Hypothesis. He also looks at "Plasma Cosmotheology" and the Plasma Life Hypothesis. Chapters include Saints Dionysius and John of Damascus on Angels; Dionysius' Celestial Hierarchies; John of Damascus' Angelology; The "Immaterial Materiality" of Angels; Their Ability to Penetrate Ordinary Matter and "Unlimited" Nature; Their Ability to Shapeshift; The Everlasting Temporality, or "Sempiternity," of Angels; Their Free Will and Motion; The "Mental" Place, or Non-Local Position, of Angels; Both Circumscribed and Not; Guardians of Regions and Boundaries; Man the Microcosm or Common Surface; The Position of Lucifer as Guardian of the Earth; The "Angelic Uncertainty Principle"; Their Ability to Communicate without Words or Sound: Entanglement; Sitchin and the Demon in the Ekur; Sitchin's Translation vis- -vis His Approach to Meopotamian Texts; "Plasma Cosmotheology"; Ekurs, Pyramids, and Demons: Mexico; Richard Hoagland: Stars, Egyptian Religion, and Dante Alighieri; Aether Plasmaniferous: The Plasma-Life Hypothesis; Plasma Physicist David Bohm's Observation and the Beginning of the Plasma Life Hypothesis; A Few Basics of Plasmas: Bounded Extension in Time and Space; Some Intriguing Pictures of Nuclear Detonations and the Hyper-Dimensional Transduction Hypothesis; The Physics of the One Percent and the Ninety-Nine Percent; Characteristics of Life; Filaments, Plasma Pinches, and Helixes: Information and Observation, Memory, Communications, Consumption, and Evacuation; Sheaths, Membranes, Regions, Organs, Voids, Cells, and Crystals; "Food", "Breathing", and Great Balls of Fire; Ball Lightning, Plasma Drones, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence; Leidenfrost Layers, Ambiplasmas, or Plasmas with Regions of Matter and Antimatter; When Plasmas Intersect with Plasmas: Bioplasma Bodies, Biophotons, Kirlian Photography, and the Astral or Spiritual Body; A Summary of Characteristics of Plasmas Paralleling those of Intelligent Life; An Extreme Speculation Concerning Giza, the "Demon in the Ekur", and the Governance of the World; Aspects of the Weapon Hypothesis Modified by the Plasma Life Hypothesis; Crystals: Tuners and Transducers; The Planetary Associations of Angels: Their Occult Sigils and Seals, "Circuits", and Crop Circles; The Planetary Associations of Crystals with Angels: more.

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ISBN: 9781948803649
ISBN-10: 194880364X
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Publication Date: September 10th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English