The Female Archangels Oracle: A 44-Card Empowerment Deck and Guidebook (Cards)

The Female Archangels Oracle: A 44-Card Empowerment Deck and Guidebook By Calista, Marie-Joe Fourzali (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Calista, Marie-Joe Fourzali (Illustrator)
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An evolutionary oracle inspired by the Divine Feminine Archangels

• The first oracle to introduce the female Archangels, why they are with us, and how to partner with them to heal and empower every area of your life

• The accompanying guidebook introduces the Archangel or symbol of each card, along with an angel message, a blessing, an expanded card meaning, a reverse card meaning, and an exercise to integrate the angels’ energies into your life

• Explores how to use the cards for high-vibration healing, awakening your angelic origin, becoming an “Angel-in-Training,” or journeying with any of 34 Archangels

The first oracle to focus on the female Archangels, this deck and book set includes 44 full-color cards to help you partner with the Archeiai, the female twins to the male Archangels. The stunning illustrations intimately transmit the unique frequencies of each Archangel and are embedded with vibrational keys of angelic energy, sacred geometry, crystalline Light-codes, and alchemical fires, bringing the angels to life and creating a direct bridge into their consciousness. The deck includes 17 female Archangel cards, 17 male Archangel cards, and 10 cards with universal, powerful symbols.

In the accompanying guidebook award-winning angel author Calista explores who the Archeiai are, why they have come now, how they work in cooperation with their male counterparts, and how they can help us. She introduces the Archangel or symbol of each card, along with an angel message, a blessing, an expanded card meaning to aid interpretation, a reverse card meaning that serves as a divine wake-up call, and a “Rise Like an Angel” experience to integrate the angels’ energies into your everyday life. She details how to use the cards in connection with her high-vibration Angel Healing system and shares practices to help you embody the virtues of each Archangel and integrate their angelic frequencies, practices such as healing techniques, guided journeys, creative exercises, energetic attunements, and angel rituals. The guidebook also includes a download link for a free attunement audio track from Calista.

Offering a hands-on tool to connect with the female Archangels and take you beyond divination into divine knowing, this oracle will help you accelerate your path of Ascension, manifest your dreams, heal your heart, and fill it with Love.

About the Author

Calista is an award-winning author, speaker, and pioneer of spiritual Ascension. As a former cancer research scientist, she blends the seen and unseen realms into her certified modalities, Angel Healing® and Unicorn Healing®, which are taught worldwide. The author of several books, including The Female Archangels, Calista lives in Perthshire, Scotland.

Praise For…

“Calista is a rare and radiant angelic light. Her glorious cards will help you connect to your angels and find within yourself the loving courage to truly shine.”
— Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Dream Dictionary from A to Z and The Sensitiv

The Female Archangels Oracle is like discovering a whole new branch of your family tree. Love, compassion, encouragement, and support tickle your fingertips and heart, connecting you more deeply to the Divine. I look forward to referencing this deck personally and professionally for years to come.”
— Rev. Bunny Love-Shock, embodiment coach and minister

“My heart resonates so deeply with Calista’s sacred calling to make the female Archangels known. Everything about this deck is perfectly in alignment with the high and clear vibrations of these angels. The images radiate with magic, and the guidebook is potent divine inspiration, translated directly from spirit into words. The Female Archangels Oracle is beyond breathtaking: it’s priceless, timeless, and extraordinary.”
— Tess Whitehurst, teacher and author of Magical Housekeeping and You Are Magical

The Female Archangels Oracle is the ultimate tool to guide your spiritual Ascension! Each card channels powerful frequencies that are felt on a palpable level to help you connect with both the male and female aspects of the Archangels. The depth of symbolism and electric colors capture the essence of each angel. Get set to transform on a very deep level!”
— Georg Lizos, intuitive healer and author of Lightworkers Gotta Work

“These aren’t just oracle cards; they are lifetimes of wisdom in one box! I am so excited to be guided by Calista, the most beautiful, humble human angel. Her deck has so many levels of knowledge, ancient wisdom, and magic within. I’ve had a love of oracle cards for a long time, but these are on another level! The love of the Archeiai pulsates through me as I hold the cards providing instant, direct, and clear angelic communication.”
— Luisa Bradshaw-White, actress and breathwork facilitator

“A stunning deck offering inspired angelic guidance and uplift. Calista is a Divine Feminine powerhouse, and her magical energy and playful spirit are reflected perfectly within these cards!”
— Katy Sloane, celestial guide and channeler

“In this stunning oracle--the perfect complement to her book The Female Archangels--Calista provides us with a sacred portal to access the gifts and teachings of both the Archangels and their feminine counterparts, the Archeiai. Enchantingly illustrated and filled with a depth of wisdom, inspired messages, and powerful symbols, along with special blessings and activations, this beautiful deck is a wonderful companion to light your journey of Ascension.”
— Alexandra Wenman, angel expert and author of Archangel Fire Oracle and Archangel Alchemy Healing

"I love the vibration, look and feel of these cards and I cannot wait to make them a staple in my life. I connected to the wording and artwork immediately and felt an instant uplift working with each card. The angel messages are practical and grounded yet so divinely inspiring!"
— Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, best-selling author and hypnotherapist

The Female Archangels Oracle provides a powerful portal to find your wings, wisdom and spark divine awakenings. With each card, I experienced the incredible illustrations reaching out and entering my heart, with Calista’s wise words igniting divine remembrance and reconnection. This joy-filled deck will support the transformation of confusion into clarity, pain into peace, and questions into answers."
— Sandy C. Newbigging, best-selling author and mentor

“A stunning, high-vibrational oracle that’s a must have for any lightworker looking to take their Ascension path to the next level. The perfect guide for those ready to balance their inner divine feminine and masculine energy and bring this harmony into their spiritual practice.”
— Victoria "Vix" Maxwell, priestess and author

"Of special and particular appeal to anyone with an interest in Angles, Spirit Guides, Divination, and Parapsychology, the ethereally beautiful artwork of Marie-Joe Fourzali with perfectly complements the cards and commentary of Calista comprising The Female Archangels Oracle: A 44-Card Empowerment Deck and Guidebook, an original and highly prized oracle deck that is especially and unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Metaphysical Studies collections."
— Wisconsin Bookwatch

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