American Ghost Stories: True Tales from All 50 States (Paperback)

American Ghost Stories: True Tales from All 50 States By Michael A. Kozlowski, Richard Estep (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Take an eerie road trip A chilling collection of true ghost stories spanning every state in the United States with a full range of ghostly manifestations and haunted locations

From's ances to shiny graveyards, take a ghostly journey across the United States. Visit the highways and byways of the supernatural across the country and in each state in the union. American Ghost Stories: True Tales from All 50 States tours possessed houses, unearthly burial sites, forbidding farms, sinister forests, school bathrooms, and all manner of places haunted by spectral visitors, including ...

  • Sullivan, Maine, and Nelly Butler, America's "first ghost."
  • Wilder, Kentucky, and Bobby Mackey's Music World, which was originally built as a slaughterhouse and then served at various times as a honky-tonk, bingo hall, biker bar, and cocktail lounge before becoming a direct portal to Hell.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and The Pfister Hotel, where every U.S. president since William McKinley stayed--as did Elvis Presley--and its weird noises, flickering lights, malfunctioning electronics, and moving objects.
  • Exeter, Rhode Island, and Mercy Lena Brown, the vampire ghost that was caught on a YouTube video.
  • San Jose, California, and the maze-like Winchester House, which was allegedly designed to confuse ghosts that haunted the original owner ... and have continued to haunt people ever since.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the Skirvin Hotel, the historic Art Deco hotel, former speakeasy, and location of several gunfights that is haunted full time by Effie, a Prohibition-era chambermaid.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the numerous sightings at the Betsy Ross House.
  • Huntsville, Alabama, and the Maple Hill Cemetery, the internment site for governors, U.S. senators, representatives, and soldiers that is the site of ... a playground
  • Tularosa Basin, New Mexico, and Pavla Blanca, the woman in white roaming the dunes of the White Sand National Monument.
  • And many more paranormal experiences, poltergeists, residual hauntings, curses, witches, prisons, bridges, mental institutions of an America plagued with spirits, phantoms and ghosts

More than merely a collection of 50 true ghost stories, American Ghost Stories puts you in the middle of the eerie action with captivating stories that would be at home at any midnight campfire. The only difference is that these stories aren't urban legends or fantasies meant to scare you. These stories live right next door to every one of us. We suggest you don't read them when you are home alone and the lights begin to flicker

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